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    A well-chosen table lamp brightens a room, literally and figuratively. It can make work easier, provide a cozy reading spot or add visual interest to a shelf or nightstand. However, a poor-chosen lamp can be distracting or even uncomfortable to look at and use. A well-chosen lamp can also illuminate the whole room or complete a particular area of the home. Choosing the right table lamp size is important, and a good way to ensure you get the most from your lighting is by using layering lighting.

    There are a number of things to keep in mind when choosing the proper table lamp size for your space, including overall height and lampshade diameter. A general rule is that a table lamp should not be more than 1.5 times taller than the surface it is sitting on. The lamp shade should also have a diameter no larger than two inches less than the base length. This will help the lampshade look proportionate to the lamp and table.

    The light bulb type you choose is a key factor to consider when purchasing a new table lamp. If the lamp will be used primarily for reading, writing or other task-oriented functions then a higher wattage bulb that produces more lumens is ideal. If the lamp is going to be used purely for accent or ambient lighting then a lower wattage, warmer-colored bulb may be more appropriate.

    When using a dimmable lamp it is important to consider the power draw of the light fixture and the dimmer switch. A high-draw dimmer may cause flickering or buzzing when the lamp is plugged in and a low-quality dimmable switch may damage the fixture.

    Having the right dimmer switch for your lamp can increase its life and reduce electrical costs. A quality dimmer switch is designed to reduce the inrush current that can put stress on the lamp filaments, and it may have a “preheat” function that limits the amount of power that can be switched on from cold. This can dramatically extend the life of a filament lamp.

    A dimmer’s “rise time” is also a key feature to look for. A longer rise time reduces the noise of the dimmer and allows the lamp to reach full brightness more gradually, which helps it avoid excessive heat. The quality of a dimmer is also reflected in the price, with lower-quality switches typically being cheaper than higher-quality models.

    We carry a huge selection of lamp dimmer switches for both standard and LED lamps. From floor lamp dimmer switches to 3 way lamp switches, we have the perfect option for your home. All orders over $100 are eligible for free shipping! Shop our selection of lamp dimmer switches today.

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