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    floor lamp under 30

    The right floor lamp can decorate a room, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. In fact, we’ve found some trendy lamps that don’t cost more than the price of a coffee. And these budget-friendly options come in a variety of styles that complement almost any decor.

    When it comes to choosing a floor lamp, the number of lights and type of bulbs you want will determine how bright you want it to be. LED bulbs are typically the most energy efficient, but they can also emit a brighter, less flattering hozo light than more traditional incandescent lights.

    In addition to the number and type of lights, you’ll also need to decide whether you want a touch or push switch and where you want to place it. Some models have rotary switches that are within easy reach at or near the base of the blind, while others have touch sensors that can be activated with your foot, but they are not ideal for homes with small children or pets. which can be turned on accidentally. the light on or off.

    Brightech Carter is one of the best floor lamps under $30 because it offers a sleek, minimalist design that works in almost any space. Its round-shaped puck has 132 LEDs on top and a metallic finish on the bottom, producing the equivalent of a 250W incandescent light. The LEDs are optimized for energy efficiency and are compatible with a wide range of bulbs, from standard incandescents to more energy-efficient CFL or LED alternatives.

    Another great option for any room is the ARC Lite floor lamp. It is a contemporary industrial-inspired floor lamp that blends well with modern and mid-century decor styles. The lamp has three lights and each is covered by a beige woven burlap shade that helps soften the light and minimize glare. The arc shape naturally takes up more space than a straighter upright lamp, but its small but heavy base keeps it from taking up too much floor space.

    And if you’re looking for a more modern and functional option, the NUUR circular lamp is a stylish option that also includes a built-in dimmer. You can easily adjust the brightness and tone of the light by simply touching the dimmer on the neck, a feature that is not always available on budget floor lamps.

    And if you’re still looking for the perfect budget-friendly floor lamp, check out some of our other favorites below. We’ve found the best lamps for every room, from cozy reading nooks to sophisticated dining rooms. And we’ve even found some that work for bedrooms and home offices too!

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